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A professional photographer team with more than 20 years experience, from $5 per shot, specialized in product photography for online business, website, catalogue, look books, marketing materials and magazines.


If you're searching for a photo studio experienced in commercial product photography then you've come to the right place! Rococo Photo Studio delivers high resolution, excellent image quality, fast service, $5 lowest rates, with friendly personalized service!

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Fashion Jewellery Cosmetics Footwear Food Electronics

Homeware  Sports  Outdoors Industrial Furniture Wine

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FREE Bonus - Steaming of clothing prior to shooting




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HIGH Resolution 300DPI




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Commercial Product Photography

Fashion, Jewellery, Footware, Cosmetics, Beverage, Medicine, Electronics, Furniture ...



360 Degree Product Animation (3D)

Jewellery, Footware, Cosmetics, Beverage, Medicine, Electronics




Artwork Design

Flyer, Catalog, Marketing Material, PDF, Printing ...


1. Can I get a test shot?

YES. You can request a test shot before you make decision which style is better for your product range.


2. Can I get special discount for large quantity photos?

Yes. Our Package Discount Plan is just ready for you if it's a large quantity photo project. Please contact us now to get yourself a surprise!


3. How do I get the final photos?

Final images will be delivered via Dropbox, USB, Email and Rococo online downloading .


4. Can you do it at my location?

Yes. We are able to arrange the photography on your location if you are located within Sydney area. A setup fee will be apply please contact us for more.


5. What resolution do we deliver?

All the final images will be delivered in high resolution with 300dpi and up to 7000PX.


6. Can I get photos with watermark of my logo?

Yes. If you need photos with your business logo watermarked, please let us know.


7. Do you optimize final images for my mobile website?

Yes. Please let us know if you've got mobile website. We can optimize final images in high resolution but smallest file size for mobile website purpose.


8. Turnaround Time?

Normally turnaround time is 5-7 working days. This may vary due to the complexity of the project and the quantity of photos required.

Customer feedback

All photo looks great. - Jean Guney, New Balance

Thank you very much, each photo looks fantastic. - Suzy Ivancic, Mania Shoes

Great photos! You have done a great job. - Amr, Blue Haveli

Thank you so much, Perfect images. - Eugene, Redline Fleet Technology Solutions

Great photos, go ahead with all the wines. - Marc Chris


Phone: (02) 8958 8915

Mobile: 0438 611 245

Address: WP32, Building B,
10 Carrington Road
Marrickville NSW 2204


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